Vision & Mission

IFP will be innovative company of food processing. We will create innovative products which are perfect for their taste, nutrient and, most of all, happiness for consumers. IFP will bring this philosophy of innovation and happiness to be our foundation of business; including management, organization development, supply chain development, quality of life for IFP’s employees. We do believe that vision can only be true, because the products’ philosophy has become the spirit of everyone related to those products themselves.

We are going to create processed food products which have good quality of food nutrition, hygienic, happiness and relaxation for our customer, different and much better than other processed food products. Also, we aim to have various, not-boring, mix of products. Our mission will be for our customer’s happiness and joy in consuming our products, always.
Business & Ecosystem
INTER FOOD PROCESSING CO., LTD. is not only a firm, growing and sustainable company, but we are also the business ecosystem that focuses on balancing the perfect collaboration, joyful life and long-run well-being of every party in the system. We also keep focusing on development and improvement quality of lives for every party within the ecosystem; worker, management, business owners, distributors and any stakeholder, are all our concern.
That ecosystem surely must include our customers too. That is because IFP run the business by having our customers’ happiness, satisfaction and life quality as the core philosophy that drives our organization to keep moving on and being better and better.
IFP, Better fruit for you
Snack is always considered to be unhealthy food.  IFP spend our effort, resource and time into deep and all-around research. We will select good quality raw material from fruit that is full of nutrient and fiber to produce Dried Fruit (No sugar and low-sugar formula) and Vacuum Fried Fruit.  IFP fruit products are produced meticulously, cleanly and strict to standard guidelines. We aim to preserve freshness from nature to your hands in order to make it be your best choice of snack, delicious and nutrient. IFP aims to have products that make our customer both happy and healthy.
"Captain Max" the treasure of deliciousness from the sea.  Ready to serve you at home. 
If you want to eat seafood, no need to reach the sea. Because of Captain Max ready to serve semi-dried seafood, to your houses, these are including King Mackerel, Sea bass, and Squid. The best selected big size and fresh materials from Chanthaburi local fish port. Daily made with our special recipe. The production process is very strict to standard guidelines, clean and hygienic.  We have quality control before delivering Captain Max's products to our customers. Our product can be cooked easily by just tear the vacuum bag, which can be the main recipe on your favorite seafood dishes every day.
We intend to keep freshness of our products at their best. For this ultimate purpose of ours, we select source of origin for fruit that we completely sure in their quality. Also, we select the local farm with suitable distance and best location according to our factory’s location. We work on our preservation methods and technology for freshness of our raw materialmeticulously. Our packages are also best selected to keep freshness of our products at their best.
Because we care about our customers’ safety and hygienic at the topmost priority, IFP factory’s production area, machine, equipment, material and staffs are all keeping the cleannessaccording to industry’s standard in every process. This is to make sure that our products will be really clean and hygienic.
Quality and Standard
IFP team has been focusing onquality and standard of our products very seriously. That is because we truly concern about our product quality in every aspect regarding our customer’s satisfaction. We will make sure that our customer will have a product with the most suitable size for consuming, the exact taste according to our standard formula,beautiful and clean package which shall be in the good condition for all their shelf lives like when they are produced and delivered from our production line. We make our products by following the quality guidelines according to the standard and certifying of Primary GMP by Food and Drug Administration Thailand (Thai FDA)
Tasty, Easy and Happy
Last, but not least. Every food products from IFP created with strong intention to make our customer be happy tasting them and consuming them, everywhere and every time.We have strong intention to keep this philosophy running in our organization from generation to generation.
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